Announcement: I’m Going to VFD4!

The Roof of the Roundagon

The Roof of the Roundagon from SFD5

I get to go to another Tech Field Day event! Yay!

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Stephen, Tom, Claire and the crew have kindly invited me to attend Virtualization Field Day 4 in Austin, TX in January 2015.

The invitations only just went out, so the details are still coming through about who the delegates are, and who will be presenting, but you’ll be able to see the updates as they happen at the official page over here.

Presenting Companies

I see we’ll be hearing from Scale Computing, who I met at Storage Field Day 5. It’ll be great to get an update on the company, as I’ve been consistently impressed with their approach. They know their market, their customers, and themselves.

Solarwinds will also be presenting again, after I met them at Tech Field Day 9, so I’ll revisit my pre-work on them and see how they’re tracking. They’re another company that impressed with me with their focus on who they are and the market they serve.

SimpliVity will be there, so I look forward to meeting them in person after covering them for my Buyer’s Guide to Primary Storage. I met their booth folk at VMworld this year, and I like their partnership with Cisco.

VMturbo are presenting as well, and it looks like new hire @discoposse will be on deck. I admit to knowing very little about VMturbo, so I have some research to do ahead of the event.

Similarly, StorMagic are new to me, so I’ll be sure to watch their presentations from Storage Field Day 6.

The only thing I know about Platform9 Systems is what I just read on their website. Apparently they make some sort of private cloud thing based on OpenStack, so do I detect a “cloud nine” based pun? Clearly nine is an excellent number to use in a company name.


The only other delegate I’m aware of at the moment is James Green (@JDGreen). He blogs over at Go read him!

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