More on Top Gear Polar Special

Wow. Simply amazing stuff. The scenery is spectacular. It is just so remote, alien, and harsh. I really must take my hat off to the entire cast and crew to have endured such trying, and dangerous, conditions in order to bring us a fluffy piece of televisual entertainment. They didn’t… Read More

Dream Jobs

I’m watching an episode of Top Gear. It’s their Polar Special. Two things come to mind: MythTV, and PVRs in general, are awesome. The guys on Top Gear and MythBusters have dream jobs. Now, I’m sure these jobs contain a lot of drudgery. Plenty of grind work that isn’t much… Read More

Mashup Greatness!

Ah, after a week spent out in the real world totally unplugged from the Internet, what nicer welcome could I receive on my return than a Best of 2007 Mashup album? I’m listening to it now, and it rocks! Any album with a combination of John Williams’ Imperial March from… Read More