Live via WiFi

I’m currently sitting at my parent’s house in NSW, connecting over their wifi to home. It’s pretty sweet that my standard setup worked with only a few configuration tweaks to support the WEP keys they’re using. Wifi laptops rock! Christmas is shaping up to be a fun time up here,… Read More

Happy Dance

My life currently rocks. I must have been a very good boy this year because Santa appears to have dropped off my presents a bit early. I hope I don’t jinx it by having a wee bit of a gloat here. Without going into too much detail in order to… Read More

GVBR Photos Online

Photos from the Great Victorian Bike Ride are finally online! I took lots, so it’s taken me a while to go through them all and take out the really bad ones. I’m very happy with a a few of them, but they’re mostly just shots of the thousanfs of people… Read More

DSL Hassles

Grr. I’ve managed to get my DSL service working properly again, but it wasn’t without its hassles. My DSL provider, Aspark, apparently decided to turn on filtering of inbound connections while I was away on holidays. All inbound packets to ports < 1024 were being silently dropped upstream, effectively rendering… Read More

Great Victorian Bike Ride

I just returned from nine days of cycle touring on the Great Victorian Bike Ride. 600+ kilometres of sun, rain, wind, cycling and fun in just over a week. I’ll post a proper entry in the next day or so as I’m still processing the photos, doing washing, cleaning tents… Read More