Video from Melbourne VMUG Meeting 14 May 2014

I recorded the presentations at the Melbourne VMUG meeting last week, and have finally uploaded them all to YouTube. You can view the entire playlist here, or watch pieces embedded in the post below. The slides for the talks are available here. Introduction and Update Craig Waters introduced the meeting… Read More

SFD5 Prep Work: Scale Computing

Scale sell a converged platform: compute and storage in pizza boxes that glom together to make a cluster of 3 to 8 nodes, like Voltron. It’s based on KVM, with proprietary bits added into the mix. Scale make a big deal about “no licensing” or, as they call it, a… Read More

SFD5 Prep-work: PernixData

PernixData sell storage cache software, essentially. Their Flash Virtualization Platform, or FVP, is a software shim that sits between the Hypervisor (VMware only, according to their datasheet [PDF]) and the SAN (block only, so FC, FCoE or iSCSI attached, no NFS or SMB). It uses server-side flash to hold the… Read More

Melbourne VMUG User Conference: An Interview with Simon Sharwood

Simon Sharwood (@ssharwood) is APAC editor for The Register and a regular at the Melbourne VMUG User Conference. We spoke about “What Hath VMware Wrought” and what automation and cloud means for IT pros and their future career prospects. He shared his thoughts on what it all means, and we… Read More

Melbourne VMUG User Conference: An Interview with Michael Webster

In this interview with Michael Webster, we cover why the VCDX certification is so different to other certifications. We also discuss how pursuing the VCDX can help safeguard your career, and how you’ll learn things well beyond simply designing vSphere deployments. Michael blogs at Long White Clouds and can be… Read More

Coming Soon: Oracle Data Appliance

I won’t be the least surprised to see that headline sometime in the next couple of years. Let’s take a look at recent trends in tech to see why: VMware Prior to VMware, no one knew what a hypervisor was outside of banking folk who deal with IBM AS/400 and… Read More