How To Get Telstra 4G Mobile Broadband Working With Linux

I’m procrastinating finishing an MBA assignment, so here’s how to get your shiny new Telstra 4G dongle working under Linux. I use Ubuntu, but these instructions should help you on other Linux variants as well. This process worked for Ubuntu 11.04, but I haven’t tested anything else. Let us know… Read More

BlogFest2: Dell

This is part of a series on SNIA BlogFest 2. Update 2011-07-29: Download the slides from the Dell presentation here. Update 2011-08-10: I’ve received an email from Dell with some clarifications and corrections, which are updated inline, with some extra information near the end. Dell was our third vendor for… Read More

Coming Soon: Oracle Data Appliance

I won’t be the least surprised to see that headline sometime in the next couple of years. Let’s take a look at recent trends in tech to see why: VMware Prior to VMware, no one knew what a hypervisor was outside of banking folk who deal with IBM AS/400 and… Read More