OSDC 2008 Review

OSDC this year was the most organised of all the events I’ve been to. It still has a very geeky feel to it, but there’s more polish starting to take over. This is probably largely due to a core of the organisers having done quite a few of them now,… Read More

Back from OSDC

Whew! What a blast. OSDC was really good this year. I’m a bit flat out with family stuff at the moment (Dutch Christmas today. Stollen, yay!) so I’ll have to leave the main writeup until later. Lots of really smart people doing cool and amazing things. I learned heaps, mostly… Read More

Google Hackathon

Today at OSDC we hacked around with OpenSocial, OpenLayers and Google AppEngine. I’ve not really used any of them before, though I’ve read some about them. It’s interesting, but I can’t see an immediate use for it for any of my stuff. I might just be suffering from information overload.… Read More

OSDC 2008

I’m off to Sydney this week for the Open Source Developer’s Conference. I’m not presenting this year, so I’ll be able to just kick back and enjoy it. It’ll be great to catch up with the other folks I know and chat about what they’ve been up to lately. The… Read More