My Complaint About @ABCReligion

Earlier today, the following tweet was sent from the @ABCReligion account on Twitter: Here is the ABC’s Editorial Policy for Social Media: Here is the text of the complaint I lodged with the ABC: I feel the tweet sent by @ABCReligion: “Hmm, just tuned in to #QT to catch… Read More

Term 1 MBA Reflection

Term 2 has begun in earnest, and I’m staring down the barrel of the first weekend of classes, so now is as good a time as any to reflect on Term 1. I passed, so that’s nice. It’s also nice that my hubris in my last post on the topic… Read More

Thoughts on Air Travel

Last week I had quite a shock: The Australian domestic air travel experience is dramatically better than the US experience. I’ve heard various people complain about it, and it seemed to be much the same stuff as we get here: the security theatre, queuing, delayed flights, hassles and pain. Well… Read More