Random Stuff

It’s been the usual work, rest, play cycle for the past week, pretty much. I saw Diana Krall at the Palais last night. I have to say, the recorded stuff I’d heard until then really didn’t do her justice. The concert was awesome. I can’t believe I didn’t know about… Read More

Best. Gig. Ever.

It’s not every day you see a sentence ending with “…and things went a little batshit” outside of a Hunter S. Thompson novel, but so it is with a funky little group called Improv Everywhere. They appear to be a sort of Merry Pranksters/flashmob/improvisational art project collective that grew from… Read More

I’m an Idiot

I just realised today that the reason I hadn’t been seeing any updates of Mac Hall Comics was because I’d bookmarked the page with a parameter that pointed to a specific comic. So instead of the constantly updating main page, I kept seeing the same comic whenever I’d click on… Read More

eigenmagic has a new home.

eigenmagic has finally been moved to its new home. Issues with the DSL relocation, that I will talk about later, prevented me from providing advance warning of the move, but happily everything is now back online. eigenmagic is now located in my very own piece of real estate. I actually… Read More

Morse Code faster than SMS

It seems a couple of older HAM radio aficionados used Morse Code to send messages faster than a couple of young SMS freaks. Given that Morse Code and the devices used to encode it have been around for a long time and have been refined extensively, I’m not overly surprised.… Read More

Photos Are Back

The photos section is now active once again. I’ve migrated all the existing folders across to the new codebase and fixed up a few access and listing bugs. I’m still working on a slightly better interface to the photoset, but that’s likely to take a bit longer as I decide… Read More

Major Photo Update

Photos are in a bit of a state of flux at the moment as I reimport them all into a new object structure.I found a problem with my auto-thumbnail system that related to migrating between the really old object type from the old site to the new one. I couldn’t… Read More