Photos Are Back

The photos section is now active once again. I’ve migrated all the existing folders across to the new codebase and fixed up a few access and listing bugs. I’m still working on a slightly better interface to the photoset, but that’s likely to take a bit longer as I decide… Read More

Major Photo Update

Photos are in a bit of a state of flux at the moment as I reimport them all into a new object structure.I found a problem with my auto-thumbnail system that related to migrating between the really old object type from the old site to the new one. I couldn’t… Read More


Bach’s Air on the G String is, I feel, the most sublime piece of music ever written. This piece is the most melancholic piece ever written in my, albiet limited, appreciation of baroque music. That I am moved to write this at 3am should be justification enough that this sublime… Read More

Sleep is Good

I read a quote recently over at 43 Folders: “If you don’t know what you want, you probably need a nap.” This really hit home for me, as that aimless wandering feeling strikes me fairly often when I’m at home on the weekend. If I don’t have something actually planned,… Read More

Festival of the Bean

Today was the Melbourne Festival of the Bean at Federation Square. This was a celebration of coffee and chocolaty goodness. As you can see, my mate Matt loves his coffee: Not only did we get nicely hyper on caffeine and sugar, we also indulged in a variety of culture, both… Read More