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NTAPInsight with Clarence the Horse

Those who follow me on Twitter were treated to the perspective of my new travelling companion, Blue Cow, during my trip to VeeamON. This week, I continue the tradition. Alas, Blue Cow was not allowed to join me, so Clarence the horse has come with me instead. Clarence is a… Read More

Storage Field Day 5

I was invited to Storage Field Day 5, held in San Jose, California USA in April 2014. I also attended the Software Defined Datacenter Symposium on 22 April 2014, and was part of the CapEx vs. OpEx panel. Pre-Work Here are my preparation posts in the lead up to the… Read More

SFD5 Prep Work: Sandisk

Flash Prices 2007-2010

Sandisk are the other public company presenting at Storage Field. Their financial statements tell a very different story from those of EMC that we discussed previously. Check this out: That’s a pretty bumpy ride through the GFC. Here’s what it did for investors, in terms of Return on Equity: Ouch.… Read More


Disclosure: I was sent this product by A couple of months ago, I was sent a Stick-N-Find thingo with the hope that I might review it here on In summary: Don’t bother. It’s an expensive waste of time. What Even Is It? It’s a couple battery powered, low-power… Read More