Major Milestone On The Way To seafelt v3.0

The new version of seafelt Performance Manager is collecting data and saving it successfully to the database. This is a major milestone on the way to the release of version 3.0. The backend collector has been almost completely rewritten to use the Storm Object Request Modeller, which provides significant correctness,… Read More

All Roads Lead to Zope3

It seems I have come almost full circle in my search for a new web application server framework. While attempting to find an alternative to Zope2, and Zope3, I stumbled across Grok by way of Pylons. I’ll explain. Spot the Difference TurboGears, which I gave my impressions of in my… Read More

In Praise of Liferea

I am, once again, late to the party. Last time it was mp3s. This time it is RSS feeds. This site has had one for a while, but only because the software I use to provide the blog section happens to support it without my doing anything. Until this week,… Read More

On Licensing

I have recently had cause to re-evaluate the license I use for a piece of software I wrote a few years ago. BEEPy is a Python network communications library I wrote to teach myself Python several years ago. Well, when I say wrote, I mean wrote to the point that… Read More