Isilon Systems: Fix Your RSS

Dear Isilon Systems, While you are a relative newcomer to the world of storage vendors, you seem to be doing rather well so far. You have some smart people working for you, and you seem to have some interesting products that at least some people are buying. Please get someone… Read More

Zope Timezones Fixed

I finally got around to fixing the timezones for the Zope server. I’ve done this before for other servers, but hadn’t for the personal one, for some reason. Kudos to Andrew Milton for responding to my query to the OzZope mailing list last year explaining how: Zope DateTime sucks.It’s looking… Read More


For years I’ve wanted to build a tool that helps you to manage configuration in a heterogeneous environment. I’ve been frustrated by the myriad of vendor specific tools for managing configuration on their devices, and the state of the art hasn’t really advanced all that much in the 8 years… Read More

5 Awesome Things About Open Source

My newfound love for Liferea has caused me to check how this blog appears in it. EasyBlog works quite nicely overall, but doesn’t appear to play terribly nicely with feed readers. It was trying to tell my feed that everything in it had just been updated, which isn’t true. I… Read More

In Praise of Liferea

I am, once again, late to the party. Last time it was mp3s. This time it is RSS feeds. This site has had one for a while, but only because the software I use to provide the blog section happens to support it without my doing anything. Until this week,… Read More

The Secret Life of Software

There is a kind of software in the world; a hidden, special kind; a kind that lives a secret life. This software lives inside companies all over the world. It coats the innards of servers, flows through networks, huddles in dark corners, unseen by all but a select few. No… Read More

Documentation is Software

I have a fairly technical job, but most of my time is spent writing, and reading, documents. Much of it is email, but the largest part of my work output is more formal documentation: design documents, HOWTO guides, network diagrams. I currently work with a team of a dozen or… Read More

Context Perception

An interesting discussion ensued regarding a presentation at the Open Source Developer’s Conference over on Richard’s blog at mechanical cat. Anthony Baxter also provided an opinion, and since I’ve presented at this conference a couple of times, and Unicity was a sponsor last year, I’m inspired to add my 2… Read More