This is my review of XtremIO based on EMC’s presentation at Storage Field Day 5. Getting a clear picture of what XtremIO was about from EMC’s presentation was a significant challenge. It’s taken me a few re-watches of the video, and triangulation from other sources (including Solidfire’s presentation, ironically) to… Read More

X-IO and Hardware Defined Storage

In a world that’s gone software-defined mad, X-IO Storage are a refreshingly honest company seemingly devoid of hype. They make storage hardware, and specialised hardware at that. For the software-defined cheer-squad, this might sound like madness, but it’s not. First of all, software has to run on something, and that… Read More

Melbourne VMUG User Conference: An Interview with Michael Webster

In this interview with Michael Webster, we cover why the VCDX certification is so different to other certifications. We also discuss how pursuing the VCDX can help safeguard your career, and how you’ll learn things well beyond simply designing vSphere deployments. Michael blogs at Long White Clouds and can be… Read More