Issues of Scale

Over the years, I’ve had some frustrating times at work due to the… shortcomings… of some people who purport to be IT professionals. Once upon a time, a project team was in a dither about a ‘performance problem’ with the storage their application/system was using. I was working in the… Read More

How to Fix IT

Ok, so you’re a business person who wants to fix the broken IT in your company. This is an admirable goal indeed, and one worth pursuing, however, before you get stuck in, there are a couple of things you need to know: It’s hard. It’s really hard. If it was… Read More

The Cult of Jobs

Wired has an interesting article about the way Apple is run by Steve Jobs. They assert that Apple ‘got everything right by doing everything wrong’. They discuss how Apple is doing very well commercially, even though the company is run in a way that is counter to a lot of… Read More

Emotional Investment

Today I had a meeting that involved talking to someone on the other end of a conference phone. The phone was one of those triangular lumps that live on the meeting room table like a three limbed starfish that has branched out into teleconferencing. One of the problems with teleconferencing… Read More

IT and Project Selection

I’ve just read an article from Harvard Business Review called Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology. I’m not familiar with Andrew McAfee’s work, but according to his biography he has a background in mechanical engineering and management. I’m not sure what level of involvement he has had with implementing… Read More