Disclosure: #CFD13 Edition

This is one of my regular disclosure posts. You can read more of them here.

Cloud Field Day 13 was held online on 16-18 February 2022.

A combination of postal delays and simply forgetting about the box because I was busy with other things has delayed my disclosure of the CFD13 swag box.

I attended the event remotely, so there’s no flights or accommodation to declare yet again. I received another snack box thing thanks to GestaltIT from an online service called SnackMagic.com. This time I went with a dark chocolate and fudge selection, as foreshadowed last time, and it was pretty good. Certainly the rest of my family enjoyed sharing it with me, though I’m a bit over salted caramel as a flavour.


  • A reusable Tech Field Day branded tote bag with an assortment of Tech Field Day stickers to add to my collection.
  • A Tech Field Day branded near-field wireless charger pad. It has a bright LED around the edge that pulses when you put your phone on it for charging, so this now lives in my kitchen because it’s too bright to have in the bedroom overnight.
  • A Tech Field Day branded AC-to-USB travel adapter thingo. It’s for US-style sockets so this will go into my travel pack for if/when I resume travelling again.
  • A RackN stickered LEGO City set 60326 Picnic in the Park. It has squirrels!
  • Fortinet branded socks.
  • StormForge branded socks.
  • A StormForge branded t-shirt.
  • A Commvault Metallic branded backpack.
  • A Kasten by Veeam branded Rocketbook notebook thing.
  • A VMware Tanzu branded t-shirt.
  • Two VMware Tanzu branded thermos mugs.
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