Disclosure: #SFD22 Edition

This is one of my regular disclosure posts. You can read more of them here.

Storage Field Day 22 was held online on 4-6 August 2021.

Since it was online, there were no flights, accommodation, or food items to declare.


I received a box of swag from the folks at Tech Field Day HQ containing the following items:

  • A Tech Field Day branded tote bag. I have quite a collection of them now.
  • A vast array of Tech Field Day stickers, including one from Mobility Field Day which I think is the only variant I haven’t been to yet.
  • A Tech Field Day embroidered cloth patch. These are very nice patches and I need to find an old jacket to sew them all onto.
  • A Komprise owl sticker.
  • A pair of Komprise branded socks.
  • A blue Fujifilm rapid-dry towel. The logo is embossed into the towel so it’s only really visible if the towel is spread out.
  • A Fujifilm branded mobile-phone desk holder. I have surprised myself by actually using it and it’s helping to keep my desk tidy. Well, perhaps marginally less messy is more accurate.
  • A Fujifilm branded USB memory stick.
  • A Fujifilm Object Archive branded USB-A to Lightning/USB-C connector cable.
  • A Fujifilm branded pen with one of those little capacitive touch nubbins on one end. Perfect for giving a gentle massage to your pet lizard or tortoise without getting your hands dirty.
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