The Eigencast 030: GitHub

The Eigencast

Justin interviews Paul St John, VP of worldwide sales, and Sam Hunt, Sales Director APAC, from GitHub.

In this wide ranging conversation, we cover the Microsoft acquisition and its likely impact on GitHub, what GitHub is for, and how the world of open source software intersects with the world of commercial software development.

Open source has changed the world, but how do developers of open source software get paid for their efforts? What part, if any, does GitHub have to play? We discuss the way software development inside companies has been changed by open source practices.

We also look at the massive rise of innovation in software around Asia, and how Australia could be well placed to lead this burgeoning boom. It will require a rethink of global software markets, and a change from the default assumption that Silicon Valley is the centre of the tech universe.

It can’t happen in isolation, and the systems of management will need to change just as much as the tools of choice for software have changed. This is possibly the greater challenge, 


  • 00:00:00.000 Intro
  • 00:00:15.856 Episode Intro
  • 00:03:02.813 Interview
  • 00:08:00.746 Acquisition Angst
  • 00:10:43.493 More Open Means More People
  • 00:11:46.480 Github Flow All The Things
  • 00:13:25.026 Resourcing
  • 00:13:53.600 How do open source developers afford to eat?
  • 00:17:15.200 Foreshadowing
  • 00:18:23.520 Open source ist nicht länger verboten
  • 00:20:55.373 Data will eat software
  • 00:22:51.800 An Innovation Boom
  • 00:25:36.840 Exporting Electrons
  • 00:28:14.080 What’s Next?
  • 00:30:32.480 Management Hasn’t Caught Up
  • 00:31:55.373 Cultural Change
  • 00:34:57.866 Outtakes




This episode of The Eigencast was sponsored by PivotNine.

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