The Eigencast 026: Pure Marketing

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Jonathan Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Storage

Jonathan Martin, Chief Marketing Officer, Pure Storage

Justin talks to Jonathan Martin, the outgoing CMO of Pure Storage, at the Pure Accelerate conference held in San Francisco in June 2017.

Jonathan believes there are the three kinds of CMO: The Product CMO, the Pipeline CMO, and the Fireworks CMO, and while every CMO needs to do all three things, they tend to prefer one over the others. Jonathan self-identifies as a Fireworks CMO.

They discuss the importance of storytelling in business marketing, and how very few tech companies spend enough time on developing a good story to tell. Without a good story, there’s nothing about a company that’s very interesting, and you don’t stand out. Jonathan likes to connect the company to people’s passions and pastimes.

Despite his penchant for the big and bold, Jonathan discloses how his team is very data driven. He explains how good modern marketers make good use of the tools available to them without getting caught up in the “Ooh! Shiny!” behaviour that is far too common amongst marketers.

Jonathan shares some practical tips on how to use tools like Twitter brand surveys and data analysis to answer marketing questions and get results much quicker than traditional methods.

This is a mini-masterclass in how to do data-driven marketing well.


  • 00:00:00.000 Intro
  • 00:00:15.856 Episode Intro
  • 00:02:58.093 Interview
  • 00:03:42.381 No one remembers a banquet room
  • 00:05:03.534 Three types of CMO
  • 00:06:18.232 Passion and Pastimes
  • 00:07:07.973 Data Driven Marketing
  • 00:10:02.106 Is Digital Marketing Really The Future?
  • 00:12:00.720 Marketing People Love Shiny New Toys
  • 00:14:00.693 Have a Consistent Story and Content
  • 00:14:19.520 B2B Marketing Needs More Stories
  • 00:16:01.706 Do The Research
  • 00:16:53.295 Know Your Tools
  • 00:17:43.213 CMOs Must Be Technical
  • 00:19:50.253 Case Study In Repurchases
  • 00:20:58.786 Marketing Exists To Generate Sales
  • 00:21:58.706 Generating Bad Leads
  • 00:22:46.053 Hire Data People Early
  • 00:23:36.724 The Goal of the Modern Marketeer
  • 00:24:40.186 Can It Get Creepy?
  • 00:26:43.093 End Interview
  • 00:27:46.575 Outtakes




This episode of The Eigencast was sponsored by PivotNine.



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