The Eigencast 023: Forcepoint

The Eigencast

Matt Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint

Matt Moynahan, CEO, Forcepoint

Justin talks to Forcepoint CEO Matthew Moynahan about human-centric security.

They discuss the concept of affordances, and how security should be designed to help people to the right thing rather than merely to prevent them doing the wrong thing.

They discuss the delicate balance needed between monitoring people’s behaviour to detect potential evildoers and the creepy stalker vibe that can send off if you do it wrong. Different attitudes to personal privacy, liberty, and the tradeoffs acceptable in different societies make it a tricky question to answer.

Knowing the real risks is also important, lest you focus your efforts in the wrong (or at least, less efficient) ways.


  • 00:00:00.000 Intro
  • 00:00:15.856 Episode Intro
  • 00:02:58.093 Interview
  • 00:08:05.840 Would You Like To Get Pwned Again?
  • 00:12:42.746 Affordances
  • 00:14:48.986 Help Security Get Out of the Way
  • 00:17:31.386 The Continuum of Intent
  • 00:20:29.960 Law Enforcement and Cybers
  • 00:24:04.880 Clippy, But For CyberCrime
  • 00:28:50.453 Ladders Are Scary
  • 00:32:04.346 Outtakes




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