DFD1: The Journey Begins

Leaving Early

Dark o’clock

My journey to DFD1 begins today at dark o’clock Melbourne time. I’m travelling MEL->SYD->SFO, with a short break in SYD while I transfer from domestic to international.

I’ve had a bit of practice at this international travel lark over the past few years, so my routine is pretty well established. My pre-trip checklist helps me to remember everything, so I have less of that “what have I forgotten?” feeling. I’ve got my little bag of tricks to make the long flight from Australia to the rest of civilisation somewhat more comfortable, even when I’m seated at the ass-end of the plane. Which I am. On United.

Actually, United have been okay the past few trips, although I was lucky enough to get a business upgrade last trip thanks to the magnanimity of the wonderful (and sexy!) Stephen Foskett. No upgrade for me this time, and I’ve decided not to spend frequent flyer points on it. Not this time, anyway. Flying is a modern marvel, and even being up the back of a not-brilliant airline is still better than months in a leaky boat full of dysentery, so I call it a win.

Adventures of Blue Bear

Blue Bear Relaxes at Qantas Club MEL

Blue Bear Relaxes at Qantas Club MEL

Joining me this trip is Blue Bear. You can follow his adventures on the hashtag #aobb as he travels with me for the next week.

Blue Bear is cautiously optimistic by nature, in contrast to Clarence the Horse’s scepticism, and Blue Cow’s general good-natured optimism. We shall be debating the merits of each of the companies presented at DFD1 both during the event and afterwards.

Follow Along!

As always, the main commentary during the event will be on the #DFD1 hashtag on Twitter.

You can watch the live stream via the Tech Field Day site here: http://techfieldday.com/event/dfd1/

See you soon!


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