NTAPInsight with Clarence the Horse

Those who follow me on Twitter were treated to the perspective of my new travelling companion, Blue Cow, during my trip to VeeamON. This week, I continue the tradition. Alas, Blue Cow was not allowed to join me, so Clarence the horse has come with me instead. Clarence is a… Read More

Tech Company Breakups

Multiple tech companies are in the news lately because they’re splitting off parts of themselves. HP, Symantec, and eBay are all splitting off major sections, and there’s speculation about EMC splitting off VMware, and maybe Cisco doing something similar. There was also a conversation about the topic on this week’s… Read More

Diablo Technologies at SFD5 and Updates

Diablo Technologies are the second half of the SanDisk ULLtraDIMM partnership. They came up with the technologies for what they call Memory Channel Storage: using the memory interface from the CPU to talk to persistent storage more-or-less directly, instead of going over a storage subsystem. We covered the reasons for… Read More

VeeamON 2014

I’m attending VeeamON 2014 in Las Vegas, NV this week, as a guest of Veeam. So far I’ve managed to catch up with a bunch of Internet friends I only get to see at these things, which is always good fun. I’ve also got several executive interviews lined up, including… Read More