Rackspace is Right to Stay Out of the Cloud Price War

Rackspace have responded to the latest escalation of the price war between Google, Amazon, and Microsoft with exactly the right response. In an article at The Register, Rackspace very clearly state that they charge “premium prices for premium service” and explicitly differentiate themselves from “commodity providers of cloud infrastructure”. Rackspace… Read More

VMware vExpert for 2014

A couple of days ago, VMware announced the list of people designated as vExpert, and I’m proud to say that I’m one of them! I’ve been getting more involved with the VMware community in recent years, largely due to the initial efforts by Craig Waters (@cswaters) in roping me into… Read More

The Economics of the Cloud Wars

It looks like the Cloud Wars are well and truly on, with Google announcing major price drops, AWS following suit, and Microsoft joining in with drops in Azure pricing to match those of AWS. It got me to wondering about how this might end up. Google has been in the… Read More