SFD5: Home Again

Storage Field Day 5 is over, and I’m safely ensconced back in my home office with only the slightest touch of convention plague.

It was a packed week, as those who followed along on the hashtag and video will be well aware. It’s going to take some time for it to sink in, and for me to edit my notes into decent posts.

Overall it was very successful, and all the vendors dived into some great details on what their products do and how they actually work. We got past the high-level glossy data sheets and into what really goes on with these things, and that was great to see. I learned a lot about products I don’t deal with every day. It’s an exciting time in storage.

Thanks to all the vendors presenting. It’s quite a different environment to analyst or press days, or panels at conventions, and many find it difficult. You’re to be congratulated for wanting to do it in the first place.

Thanks to my fellow delegates. I always learn things from you. The conversations within the formal sessions, and also informally, are a great chance to learn from my peers, and to hopefully share a bit of knowledge in return.

And thanks to Stephen, Tom, Claire, Ben, and Andrea for running everything. It’s a complex web of logistics to run these things, and most people never see any of it. I don’t think they appreciate just how much work you put in beforehand with the vendors presenting to get them prepared, with the delegates to get them prepared, and with all the venues and transport and the thousand little details that have to get sorted out.

I’m already missing hanging out with you all, so hopefully it won’t be too long until we meet again.

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