VMware vExpert for 2014

VMware vExport LogoA couple of days ago, VMware announced the list of people designated as vExpert, and I’m proud to say that I’m one of them!

I’ve been getting more involved with the VMware community in recent years, largely due to the initial efforts by Craig Waters (@cswaters) in roping me into helping with the Melbourne VMUG. The Melbourne community in particular is very strong and supportive of one another, and it’s a pleasure to be involved.

VMware has done a particularly good job in fostering a grassroots style community. They’re tricky things to manage, and so far VMware have managed to balance support with not getting too involved so that it still feels like an independent community.

My thanks to John Troyer (@jtroyer) and Corey Romero (@vCommunityGuy) for accepting me into the program.

Of course, now the pressure’s on to continue sharing my knowledge and skill with the community so that I remain deserving of the recognition.

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