En-route to Dell World 2013

I am seated at a Sushi bar in the Sydney International Airport terminal that charges $14 for an Asahi. It is not as delicious as the price would suggest. It appears to be an ordinary Asahi, not the exotic super-Asahi that powers Mothra.

My next flight has been delayed some 5 or so hours because of some sort of American weather thing stopping it from leaving. With luck, I’ll arrive in Austin, TX sometime before midnight tonight/tomorrow after leaving home at 8:30am. I have no idea how long that works out to and I’m frankly not interested in adding it up because it’s all too depressing.

I am likely to miss out on delicious Texas style charred dead animal remains previously scheduled for this evening/tomorrow/whatever it is because I live here in the colonies, far from civilised people who know how to make a decent margarita. The coffee and pastries are some consolation, yes.


Michael Dell, please be interesting at your keynote 2-sleeps tomorrow morning. Let us not have a repeat of that embarrassing Windows 8 love-in we had last year. I think we’d all be better off just pretending it didn’t happen, which is what I’m expecting will be the vibe this year, now that Mr. Ballmer is out of the picture.

Elon Musk will also be there, and I have seen his cars and they are shiny and I wouldn’t say no to a free one. It’ll even charge in less than a year because we have proper 240V electrons in the colonies, not that 110V rubbish you Americans put up with. It could sit in my driveway next to the other sportscar I never drive. I presume there will be some sort of Dell connection with Tesla, though it likely won’t be anything fun like a death ray or lightning machine that plays the theme from Doctor Who.

A bunch of social media type people I know will also be there, and they’re all lovely, so I look forward to spending time with them again. I have my H6 with me, so I’ll try to do the audio thing as often as I’m able without seeming like a douche.

And now I need to prepare myself for 14+ hours trapped in a tin can full of explosive liquid, hurtling across the planet with hundreds of other brave souls. Some of whom cannot yet speak a language and have no mute button.

$14 for a beer still really is a lot, isn’t it?

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