TFD9 Review: Solarwinds

Solarwinds did a fantastic job, and are another example of a company that really understands their marketing strategy and their brand. Denny LeCompte clearly explains how Solarwinds is different before even three minutes had elapsed in his presentation. They’re not dealing with the bleeding edge problems of Fortune 50 companies. … Read More

TFD9 Review: Veeam

Veeam showed us their Backup and Replication product, Version 7. Now, Veeam is a virtualisation centric company. They deal with multiple hypervisors, but they don’t deal with physical. Veeam knows this, and does this deliberately. Doug Hazelman made this clear in his presentation. So what’s to like about Veeam? Quite … Read More

TFD9 Review: Infinio

There’s so much good stuff to talk about with Infinio, I’m almost at a loss for where to begin. Infinio Accelerator I’ll start with the product Infinio have launched: their NAS accelerator for virtual machines. It’s so obviously a good thing I’m amazed it doesn’t already exist. I mean, think … Read More