BlogFest2: Achievement Unlocked!

This is part of a series on SNIA BlogFest 2.

BlogFest 2 was a raging success, and now I have to find the time to write about it all. So much to say!

Ben Di Qual has beaten me to the punch, with the first post up on his blog (a blog Ben! You’ve got one!).

This post is a quick one to foreshadow what I’ll write about in coming days.

I’m planning to follow a similar format to BlogFest 1, where I devote a post to each vendor, and possibly some other posts on related topics that spin out of the main posts.

To that end, expect a post on each of the vendors from the day:

  • Dimension Data
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Symantec

I also have two other posts planned so far. One as a summary of the industry trends, attitudes and outlooks of the vendors and bloggers, as well as my own.

The other is tentatively called How to Win BlogFest and Influence Bloggers, a guide for vendors on how to handle a blogfest, based on my extensive experience of two of them. :)

Stay tuned!

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