SNIA ANZ Blogfest: Preparation

This is part of a series on the SNIA Blogfest 2010.

I’m off to Sydney on Thursday to attend the SNIA ANZ Blogfest.

It’ll be a long day for me, since I’m flying home to Melbourne the same day, and kickoff will be from just before 8am for breakfast.

It looks like there’ll be seven of us attending a day of briefings from four of the big names in storage: EMC, IBM, HDS and NetApp. It looks like about an hour and a quarter per vendor, with about 15 minutes of slack time to find our way back to the bus.

I’m getting there under my own steam, but SNIA are paying for brekky and the day itself, with lunch sponsored by IBM, and NetApp are putting on a few drinks at the end of the day.

I plan to semi-live tweet the day, assuming 3/Vodafone have decent mobile coverage. Follow me as @jpwarren on Twitter. Update 3 Nov: We’ll be using the Twitter hashtag #sniafest for the event.

I have no idea what I’ll write up after the event. It’ll depend on what happens on the day. There’ll definitely be one post on the event itself, but writing more will depend heavily on the content provided by the vendors.

Blogfest Buzzword Bingo

To add a bit of levity to what could turn into a technobabble snoozefest, I plan on playing storage buzzword bingo. Here’s my list of bingo words:

  • Cloud
  • aaS, in all its iterations
  • de-duplication, or just de-dupe
  • Thin Provisioning
  • ‘Flexible IT’
  • Dynamic Tiering
  • ‘The Business’

Every mention gets a point.

Who do you think will win?

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  1. Cloud by the length of the strait, with tiering second and dedupe and the rest of the storage optimisation gang third.
    (‘Fessup: I’m a SNIA ANZ Board member and kinda dreamed up/copied Gestalit IT the blogfest)

  2. Ah, but who’s your money on for the vendor with the most points?

    And hey: “Good artists copy. Great artists steal.”

  3. Will be a tossup between netapp and EMC for the bingo. Maybe add to the list:
    automatic tiering (dynamic tiering is such a ntap term)
    bullet proof (seen the HDS video?)
    five 9s availability

  4. I haven’t seen the HDS video, no. But then, I’ve not seen any HDS videos.

    Something to do on the flight to Sydney, perhaps?

    Unified is a good one. And anyone claiming five-9s should get an automatic bonus nine points.

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