Why It’s OK To Suck

So here’s something that I really have to thank @Havi for catalysing. Her unique approach to what she calls ‘destuckification’ (which is an awesome word) really resonated with one particular thing I’d been struggling with.

I suck.

We all suck. At something.

And that’s ok.

Be OK with your suckitude

Her approach, to plagiarise, retweet, and completely stuff her message up (go see her sites for real info) goes something like this:

It’s ok to suck. At least temporarily.

Well ok, it’s not the sucking that’s ok. It’s the being ok with sucking for the moment that’s ok.

Because we all suck. From time to time. So if you’re annoyed at yourself that you suck right now, that’s ok.

Be at peace with your suckitude. (Is it ok if I claim suckitude for myself?)

Yeah, it really is

That’s right. It’s really ok to be ok with your suckitude, whatever it is, right now.

Because you’re human.

You will never be perfect. And that’s ok. It’s the pursuit of happiness that makes it all worthwhile. The journey. The striving.

If you stop and beat yourself up for every little failure or setback, you’ll never be happy. So stop it!

Accept that you are who you are right now. And that you can be better. And that whatever little thing you’ve done to be better is great.

It’s not magic

You are not going to get from where you are now to your idea of perfection by tomorrow. Stop beating yourself up about it.

It didn’t happen yesterday. It’s not going to happen tomorrow. It’s not magic.

Which is really, really awesome.

If it was magic, we wouldn’t have any idea how it worked. Thing is, people like Havi (and me, of late, huzzah) have worked out how to do this thing.

Be nicer to yourself.

It’s really that simple. Just stop beating yourself up about how much you suck. Seriously, it’s ok. We all suck. Bigtime.

You’ll be amazed at how freeing it is to just accept where you are right now, and that every effort to be better is progress.

Sorry Havi

Sorry for munging your message so badly.

It’s just brought such a big change to the happiness level in my life lately that I couldn’t not share it with people.

So give it a go. Own your suckitude. It’s your very own, so be cool with it.

And then you can fix it.

What’s not to like?

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