Awesome Linkage

I’ve been spending a bunch of time on Twitter lately, which is an excellent way to promote your blog. A big shout out to my twitter friends who’ve found their way here. Welcome!

Some great people you need to follow, or just read their blogs:

  • Havi. She rocks. Her business partner is a squeaky duck. If you get it, you’re in. If not, just move on; nothing to see here.
  • Charlie. He makes other people awesome. What could be more awesome than that? Let him kick your ass into being awesome too.
  • Naomi. She does small biz marketing stuff. She can help you make imperial assloads of money as a sole trader. She also rocks.
  • Scott. He knows loads about project management. If you ever have to manage people who know the first thing about PowerPoint, you need to read his books. He gives great advice. Check it out.

Have you noticed the level of rockingness from these people? There’s a reason for that. They rock, and are awesome, in equal amounts, so go check out their stuff. You’ll be better for it, even if you never spend a cent. Seriously. These guys put out that much free stuff that you can learn heaps for free, if you pay enough attention.

To quote The Governator: Do it! Do it now!

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