Evolution Mail Stops Me From Being A Dumbass

You’ve spent 10 minutes crafting an email. You’ve explained yourself well. You’ve been erudite, concise, clear, and yes, even witty. You hit send.

And realise that you didn’t add the attachment. The attachment that is a vital part of the email. That is very obviously missing from the email.

Sound familiar?

Enter the Evolution email client. Just now, it detected some keywords in my email that suggested that I might have wanted to have an attachment. I hit send, and since I didn’t have an attachment, it popped up a window to check if that’s what I actually wanted to do. This time, I didn’t want to add an attachment, but now I know that my choice of email client is making it less likely that I’ll look like a dumbass at some point in the future.

So kudos, Evolution guys! This is a really neat feature.

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