Phage Wars

Phage Wars is an excellent Real Time Strategy Flash game. You pick a type of ‘phage’ (which is technically a kind of virus that infects bacteria), and your aim is to conquor territory (cells). Each cell will then make more of your phage, and you can infect other cells. Bigger… Read More

The Meaning Of Death

Flames died. Sound died. Light died. Anghammarad. Anghammarad looked at his hands. There was nothing there except heat, furnace heat, blasting heat that nevertheless made the shapes of fingers. Anghammarad, a hollow voice repeated. “I Have Lost My Clay,” said the golem. Yes, said Death, that is standard. You are… Read More

It Works Better When You Plug It In

Yesterday we had a short power outage here at eigenmagic labs. I commented to Auds that I wasn’t worried about it, because my Shiny! New! UPS would have taken care of it. Indeed it did. For the computers that were plugged into it. Alas, the webserver wasn’t, because it was… Read More

GVBR Photos Are Back Online

I’ve finally found a gallery plugin for WordPress that doesn’t completely suck: NextGEN Gallery. In fact, this one is quite good. It handles bulk uploads well, and supports import from a directory on the filesystem. It can display the gallery in a variety of modes, and the user experience is… Read More