An Obsession With Time

Check out the guy behind he’s so obsessed with time, and precisely measuring it, that he has a hydrogen maser in his house. Wow.

Apart from being an awesome geek, he’s super-fun. He build a Nixie tube clock app that you can watch over the web, and updated it with a customised version for the iPod. It even has an (unofficial) countdown to the next leap second, which will be at the end of this year!

Very awesome, and also funny, is his presentation on clock accuracy. It demonstrates really well how accurrate various kinds of clocks are.

My favourite thing about this guy is that he’s personally verified Einstein’s theory of general relativity. How cool is that? What else do you do with 3 Cesium atomic clocks?

This guy is everything that is awesome about science. This is the general spirit of wonder and curiosity that has driven people through the centuries to discover and invent. How much cool stuff have you done in the last year?

I bow to you, sir. We are not worthy.

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