Google Hackathon

Today at OSDC we hacked around with OpenSocial, OpenLayers and Google AppEngine. I’ve not really used any of them before, though I’ve read some about them. It’s interesting, but I can’t see an immediate use for it for any of my stuff. I might just be suffering from information overload.

Most of the uses for these technologies seem to be time-waster type activities on social websites like Facebook or MySpace. I’m not a big user of them; I’m only registered with LinkedIn and Plaxo, and I don’t log into Plaxo. Even LinkedIn doesn’t get much of my time. I spend a lot more time reading blogs via RSS feeds, or doing actual work.

Haven’t seen a quick overview of what you can do with these things, I admit they’re neat, and I’m sure there are some very cool things you could do with them… I just can’t for the life of me think of any right now.

Maybe with a bit more relaxing and thinking about it, I might come up with something. It might even be cool.

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