New Unicity Web Design

We’ve been moving the Unicity servers to new hosted premises, and upgrading from an old SPARC based Solaris server to Solaris 10 on x86. It’s taken some time, with Jim doing most of it.

We’ve been upgrading the services from fairly old versions of things to newer and more feature rich software. Things like integrated spamfiltering, SPF support, and a brand new website.

I threw out the old Zope based website which was, quite frankly, old and busted. The new one has been updated with a sleek, modern look, with some more modern software driving it: WordPress. It was much, much easier to get WordPress set up and working than to futz around trying to compile up Zope and all its components. I didn’t fancy the mammoth task of migrating to Zope 3 in a hurry, either.

But now we have a much nicer website with some funky and useful features in the backend. Check it out here:

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