All Roads Lead to Zope3

It seems I have come almost full circle in my search for a new web application server framework. While attempting to find an alternative to Zope2, and Zope3, I stumbled across Grok by way of Pylons. I’ll explain. Spot the Difference TurboGears, which I gave my impressions of in my… Read More

Bold Steps Ahead

I’ve been contemplating moving away from Zope 2 as a web framework for a little while now. Once upon a time, I had high hopes for Zope. I thought that it might provide me with all the Role Based Authentication and template based stuff I might need, and with Python,… Read More

NetApp + VMware = Impressive

Check out this video of how you can use VMware with NetApp storage to provision 100 virtual Windows machines in under 15 minutes. Wow. Imagine linking this stuff with a change management framework like ModiPy instead of just writing some custom shell scripts. Read More

New Digs

I made the big move this weekend. I’m now living in sin with my gorgeous other half out in the scary suburbs. The fool! Muahahaha! Now I have a 25-30km ride in to work each day, instead of 7km. I’ll be really fit in no time, no doubt. It was… Read More