So Much To Write About, So Little Time

I must apologise to you all for not writing more frequently. I often berate myself for not spending more time typing just the odd, short entry – really, it doesn’t take that long – but I still fail.

However, I can plead a particular excuse this time. I would love to write about quite a few management topics, but I have a quandry that I cannot easily solve. You see, I am a consultant, which means that I deal with clients, many of whom would not enjoy having their dirty laundry aired over the internet.

Since I pride myself on professional integrity, I do not wish to damage my clients’ reputations, nor my own, truth be told, for that would be biting the hand that feeds me, as it were. And yet, my clients, past and present, provide such rich fodder for discussion about how management, IT and the whole gamut of technological modernity does, or should, work.

This, coupled with my own projects at seafelt et al and my personal life have made the past month or so somewhat of a blur. Yet I feel that I should be sharing more, not less, in these busy times. The busy times are the most interesting, after all. Ah, but how do so.

I believe I may have found an answer, though it means foregoing certain topics until that particular client’s anecdote has laid in oak for a time and reached a ripe vintage. Or perhaps it means I must blend a series of varietals; here an earthy shiraz, there perchance a merlot?

Forgive my florid tones, but it’s my birthday soon, and I’ve always been fond of a good red. In penance, I promise henceforth to provide a new thought at least once per week. If I fail, you have my permission, nay! urging, to harangue me via email at daedalus (at) eigenmagic #dot# com. (Suck it, spammers!).

As always, I welcome your comment or criticism. I know I’ve said I’ll write more before, but I’m getting old, and there’s nothing old men love more than to listen to themselves speak.

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