The Wisdom of Ages Past

Last post for tonight. Really. I have to work tomorrow. So last night I was reading Plato. No really. It’s a book I borrowed from my gorgeous other half, A. It’s called The Final Days of Socrates and is apparently a collection of Plato’s writings about his teacher, Socrates, and… Read More

Evolution vs Physics

Wow. Post frenzy this Monday night. AWESOME comment over on MetaFilter. Love those guys. (Aside: originally I typed MetaFiler. A new trademark for NetApp? A new market for MeFe outside of recumbent bicycles, scanned cats and snark? You decide). Consider this: Whenever the IDers, or Creationists, or whatever the anti-evolution… Read More

Don’t Give Them Ammo

I saw tonight, in my perusing of my favourite debating ground MetaFilter, that someone was making a reasonable case against the Intelligent Design (hah! a misnomer if there ever was one), but they also levelled a charge of ‘using copyrighted materials without permission’. To that I say: do not give… Read More