Here Come The Macrame Daleks?

So I’m looking around the Internet for a plush penguin toy, and what should I happen to find in my travels? An entire livejournal community centred around crafted Dr. Who merch. Dr. Who is not well known for its knitware product placement. Sure, there’s the Doctor Who Scarf, made famous by Tom Baker, but that’s pretty much it.

There is a non-zero number of people who:

  • are fans of Dr. Who
  • are crafters
  • have internet connections
  • are members of livejournal
  • have enough free time to invent Dr. Who themed crafts, and
  • post pictures of them to livejournal


There are Seal of Rassilon doilies. A motorised, remote-control Dalek-o-Lantern. And yes, knitted Daleks, and TARDISes.

I must have one.

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