Learn a New Thing Every Day

Today I went into McGills Bookstore here in Melbourne and managed to find a book I’ve been looking for as a result of this thread over at MetaFilter. The book is The Non-Designer’s Design Book
by Robin Williams (no, not that Robin Williams). It is eleven different
flavours of awesome. The first flavour is that it came as a box set
with the other 2 books in the series: The Non-Designer’s Type Book, and The Non-Designer’s Web Book.

I haven’t had time to absorb much detail from them yet, but I’ve quickly read through the Design Book
and I am very happy with my purchase. It really is a great book,
written at a non-designer level, yet advanced enough to cover a lot of
important topics. I’ve done previous reading on the subject, so I was
concerned it might be a bit too light on. I am happy to say that
there’s enough meat in here to keep me occupied for some time.

A quick flick through the Type Book
and there’s lots of great detail that makes my inner pedant happy. I
have learned about strike marks, things I didn’t even know existed!

Yay MetaFilter, and the Intarwebs in general! If you want to find a good book on some field of endeavour, cast your eye over that thread and you’re bound to find something interesting. There are a lot of smart Mefites out there. Thanks to storybored for the referral to these wonderful books.

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