I Am Scott Adams’ Minion

A few days ago, Scott Adams posted this entry to The Dilbert Blog. He gave Dale Carnegie Training a rave review for a course on presenting that Scott had done. I’ve been looking for a course on presenting and public speaking for a little while now, and the last one I looked at conflicted with a planned snowboarding trip, so this really got my interest. So I have them a call yesterday.

Apparently several hundred people worldwide had contacted their local Dale Carnegie Training office in the days since the Dilbert Blog post. This is the kind of celebrity power that Scott wields. I joined the Dilbert New Ruling Class back in the day when it was funny and ironic to do so. It seems I am still his loyal minion, sent out into the world to do his bidding.

All I ask is that he use his powers for Good, and not for Evil.

I’ll let you know how the course goes. It sounds like fun!

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