For years I’ve wanted to build a tool that helps you to manage configuration in a heterogeneous environment. I’ve been frustrated by the myriad of vendor specific tools for managing configuration on their devices, and the state of the art hasn’t really advanced all that much in the 8 years… Read More

Zope Uber-Security

I *think* I’ve correctly enabled comments now. Zope’s security model was overriding the Blog product’s security that I’d set to allow comments, proving that Zope is indeed a powerful, if mysterious, beast. My sincere apologies if you’ve attempted to comment in the past, but have been rebuffed by the software… Read More

Emotional Investment

Today I had a meeting that involved talking to someone on the other end of a conference phone. The phone was one of those triangular lumps that live on the meeting room table like a three limbed starfish that has branched out into teleconferencing. One of the problems with teleconferencing… Read More

Work Can Be Fun

Ever had a job you hated? Ever worked somewhere that went from awesome to crappy because something just changed? You’re not alone. Over the past couple of years, I’ve had jobs that were ok, but not great. They paid well, but the work didn’t really use my skills. It didn’t… Read More