In Praise of Liferea

I am, once again, late to the party. Last time it was mp3s. This time it is RSS feeds. This site has had one for a while, but only because the software I use to provide the blog section happens to support it without my doing anything. Until this week, I’ve been dutifully logging on to a variety of blogs, webcomics, and other sites to see what’s been happening since I was last there. I still quite enjoy that method of browsing, but this week I have come to love feed reading.

I chose Liferea because it:

  • Is part of Ubuntu
  • Works with Gnome
  • Supports the Mozilla rendering engine

Thus far, it is awesome. I can now get an up to date list of everything new that I am interested in finding out about, and it integrates with Firefox so if I want to read more, follow links or whatever, I just click and away I go.

The best part? It supports webcomics. Now I can keep up to date with all my favourite webcomics without having to remember to click on all the links in my “Regular Reading/Comics” bookmarks folder. Awesome.

Update: I was just thinking, wouldn’t it be neat if I could just drag the URL from Firefox into Liferea, so I tried it, and it worked! Double awesome!

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