5 Awesome Things About Open Source

My newfound love for Liferea has caused me to check how this blog appears in it. EasyBlog works quite nicely overall, but doesn’t appear to play terribly nicely with feed readers. It was trying to tell my feed that everything in it had just been updated, which isn’t true. I… Read More

In Praise of Liferea

I am, once again, late to the party. Last time it was mp3s. This time it is RSS feeds. This site has had one for a while, but only because the software I use to provide the blog section happens to support it without my doing anything. Until this week,… Read More

The Secret Life of Software

There is a kind of software in the world; a hidden, special kind; a kind that lives a secret life. This software lives inside companies all over the world. It coats the innards of servers, flows through networks, huddles in dark corners, unseen by all but a select few. No… Read More