IT and Project Selection

I’ve just read an article from Harvard Business Review called Mastering the Three Worlds of Information Technology. I’m not familiar with Andrew McAfee’s work, but according to his biography he has a background in mechanical engineering and management. I’m not sure what level of involvement he has had with implementing… Read More

Cancel The Account

Wow. I’d heard about ‘Customer Service’ people trying to hold onto customers through all kinds of nefarious means, but for a graphic example of how not to treat your customers, check out this recording of an AOL customer service person giving one of their customers grief because they want to… Read More

Corporate Censorship

I read a couple of interesting articles in the last 24 hours that highlight something I have personally observed: self-censorship by companies. Yesterday I read about a Sun employee, Tim Bray, who posted on his personal blog that Sun’s Blackbox datacentre-in-a-shipping-container project was “just totally drop-dead fucking cool”. Tim works… Read More

The Moral High Ground

Things seem to be rather mental over there in the US of A. I just read this story in the Boston globe. Apparently the Republican NRCC has set up an automated phone system to call people and purport to be calling about a Democrat candidate. The recording doesn’t announce up… Read More