I Don’t Like Perl

The transition is complete. I am now a full blown Python weenie. I’ve recently had cause to write some Perl, something I haven’t done in several years and I’ve come to the conclusion that Perl is ugly. Once upon a time I was a Perl weenie. I relished in the… Read More

In Praise Of Inkscape

My new favourite tool in the known internet is Inkscape, an Open Source vector graphics program, akin to Illustrator or Freehand. I ‘d used it briefly some time ago and didn’t really explore what it had to offer. “Vector graphics,” thought I, “Neat.” I’ve just had the opportunity to use… Read More

On Gay Marriage

Our beloved gnome of a Prime Minister appears to be vote hunting in a peculiar way. For some stupid reason he’s channelling the US right wing and pushing for Cabinet to override the ACT’s decision to allow same-sex civil unions. Crikey rightly points out that this isn’t likely to work… Read More

Spreading Freedom

I’ve just read an extremely disturbing article online from Rolling Stone Magazine, link via MetaFilter. Wow. Just… wow. What the fuck is wrong with you people? In this meticulously footnoted article, a vast litany of illegal behaviour is exposed. Widespread vote tampering, fraud, voter disenfranchisement; this is the sort of… Read More