Cycle Fun

Auds and I rode 96 kms this morning. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to do hills or flats, so I made an executive decision and voted for flats. Most of it was flat, except for a few hills through Mornington. The weather was basically perfect: cool, but not cold, sunny but not scorching, almost no wind and mostly tailwinds. Awesome.

I’m pretty stuffed now and need to eat a bit more. A bowl of cereal, one fruit strap and a muffin (and a couple of coffees) just isn’t enough for me. I’ve got no idea how Auds does it all on the smell of a tub of yoghurt. She did have a bite of my muffin, I suppose. What’s weird is that doing 90+ kays on a Sunday morning no longer seems odd, or even that far, really.

I’ve got a couple of light beers chilling in the freezer and a steak ready for the BBQ, so I’m looking forward to a well earned meal. I love my weekends. :)

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