Change Is Coming

I’ve been playing around with graphic design lately and the time has come to give a facelift. The current layout, styles, fontsets… well they suck. I’ve been redesigning the company website to make it look a bit more web2.0 (the current buzzword) and last night I realised that this site sucks too.

Now, I’m not much of a designer; it’s basically just a hobby of mine. I don’t have much background and almost zero training. Despite this, I’m giving it a bash. It’s not currently worth the cash that a professional would charge and I believe I can do a passable job. Besides, it’s fun. I get to learn new things that are more art and creative focussed instead of the highly technical stuff I usually do. Not only is this enjoyable, I think it helps me to have a more balanced approach to both kinds of work. It also helps me to appreciate the work that others do in this area. If you don’t know anything about a field, someone really good at it makes it look easy.

The bottom line is that things will be changing around a bit once I manage to find the time to play with it all. I need to finish two other layouts first, but I might use this site to play with some ideas or just to take a break from the actual work related stuff. Unfortunately, I have paperwork to do today that must take precendence over all else. I’ve got a TODO list as long as my arm and there just aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. My GTD-fu just isn’t up to snuff yet.

Good news on seafelt coming soon. Really soon. I promise.

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