Sleep Experiment: Day 4

Ouch. Two nights in a row of getting to sleep after 11:30 has made today quite rough. I’m not so tired I’m yawning all the time, but I can definitely feel the effects. My brain just isn’t functioning properly and I’m finding it really hard to start any tasks that… Read More

Sleep Experiment: Day 3

Whew. Tough day today. I had real trouble getting to sleep last night, probably because I got a second wind about 9pm and wasn’t sleepy by 10:30pm. I just sortof dozed while thinking about seafelt things I wanted to do today and that kept me awake. I didn’t drop off… Read More

Sleep Experiment: Day 2

I was up bright and early at 6am, which is still officially dark o’clock here on the eastern seaboard of .au courtesy of the Commonwealth Games. I managed the normal morning routine, did the dishes and cleaned the shower and was all ready to head for work by 7:10am. I… Read More

Sleep Experiment

I’ve started a bit of a sleep experiment, inspired by this story from BoingBoing. I’ve been getting up relatively early since going on the GVBR, but I’ve been having issues with staying motivated to do things of an afternoon and evening after a day at work. I think part of… Read More

Cycle Fun

Auds and I rode 96 kms this morning. We couldn’t decide if we wanted to do hills or flats, so I made an executive decision and voted for flats. Most of it was flat, except for a few hills through Mornington. The weather was basically perfect: cool, but not cold,… Read More

Change Is Coming

I’ve been playing around with graphic design lately and the time has come to give a facelift. The current layout, styles, fontsets… well they suck. I’ve been redesigning the company website to make it look a bit more web2.0 (the current buzzword) and last night I realised that this… Read More

Life Etc.

A lot of stuff going on lately, hence the lack of updates. I completed the Holden High Country Cycle Challenge: 200+ kms over two days, including a climb up Mount Bulla, about 1200 vertical meters in 2.5 hours. Hard work, but fun. I’ve been doing a lot of work on… Read More