OSDC Photos

I’m incredibly slack, but I’ve finally managed to comment and upload photos from the Open Source Developer’s Conference from last year. I didn’t take many, but I did capture the famous OSI Layer Cake that Anthony built. This photo is just screaming out to have the actual OSI layer names… Read More

Beautiful Bianchi

I picked up my lovely new Bianchi on Friday night. She is every bit as lovely as I’d hoped. She was a bit mistreated getting her home, as the weather had broken and a large quantity of water decended from the sky, making the roads just that much more interesting… Read More

Bike Repairs

I had to fix the rear hub on Emma, the MTB. I’d previously taken it apart while replacing a spoke and didn’t put it back together properly, it would appear. Apparently you’re not supposed to tighten the ‘cones’ quite as much as I did. This explains why the hub didn’t… Read More

Fixing Accidental Upgrades

Yesterday I attempted to try out a game that was created as part of a graphics programming assignment for some uni students, I think from Stanford in the US. Their software apparently uses the SDL library for some graphics, so I attempted to install one using Debian’s apt-get. Unfortunately, it… Read More

New Bike Time

It looks like I’m going to have to buy a new bike. I’m pretty much hooked on cycling now, and the current borrowed road bike is several sizes too big for me. Unfortunately, I’ve acquired a taste for nicer bikes than my workhorse MTB that I use for my daily… Read More

Back At Work

I completely ignored this website for the last week, mostly on purpose. I’ve been attempting to get things in order for the year ahead, given that it’s going to be a fairly big one for me. I’ve got a few photo things that need to go up, which I’ll attempt… Read More